Ejecutivo de Ventas Telefónicas y Ventas de Campo

  • Business Development
  • Mexico City, Mexico

Ejecutivo de Ventas Telefónicas y Ventas de Campo

Job description

Oyster is a global company. We operate a world class service providing small/medium size businesses with financial services including credit/debit card payments, bill payment, and short-term line of credit. Our people reflect a diverse background and spectrum expertise. We have a shared passion keeping our promises to our customers and exceeding their expectations. 

Everyone at Oyster is a self-starter, motivated and driven. We enjoy problem solving and doing our best work each and every day. We all collaborate, and lead by example. Everyone at Oyster knows the result we are committed to delivering. We celebrate our wins and have fun working hard. We are all committed to setting a new standard of financial services of excellence and experience for small and medium businesses in Mexico.

Oyster is passionate about keeping customers happy. Happy customers are our best marketers. Hard working people attract and serve loyal customers. We listen to our customers and are constantly learning from them. Mexico is ever changing and growing. We learn and grow to constantly improve our services and our performance. Oyster needs a spectrum of experience and talents. Experts from many disciplines come together to deliver phenomenal results: marketers, designers, engineers, scientists, mathematicians, you name it. Everyone on the team is working to serve our customers, scale our business, and deliver on our brand promise. We are looking for passionate, hard working, creative, and smart people. You must be focused, intentional, self-sufficient and thrive in perpetual change while delivering results.

  • Very competitive salary
  • 10 vacation days with full vacation prime
  • 1 day extra every 8 working weeks
  • 30 days of Christmas bonus
  • Health insurance, also in case of accidents

Job requirements

Nos encontramos en busca de 1 Ejecutivo de Ventas telefónicas y 1 Ejecutivo de Ventas en Campo. 

Ejecutivo de Venta Telefónica


  • Escolaridad Licenciatura Económico administrativa trunco o titulado.
  • Experiencia de 1 año RECIENTE en ventas telefónicas de cuentas bancarias.
  • Funciones y responsabilidades:
  • Apertura de Cuentas de Personas Morales y Físicas
  • Realizar la captura de datos en el sistema bancario del cliente a partir de la documentación que provee el banco.
  • Integración de expedientes - Análisis de actas constitutivas y poderes legales
  • Seguimiento a políticas de PLD con el equipo de operaciones


  • Sueldo $10,000 brutos + comisiones por metas logradas
  • Proyecto de 3 meses
  • Prestaciones de Ley
  • Horario Lunes a Viernes